Hourly Rate

Pick and choose when you want to see me.  No minimum hours required. 

Rate: £20.00 per hour
​(Travel rates may apply for longer journeys) 

Block Bookings

Block booking hours gives you a discounted rate.
Payments are made in advance or by weekly instalments.

20 Hours: £360
30 Hours: £525

40 hours: £680
(Travel rates may apply for longer journeys)


Advance Planning

It's so important for all of us to do this however young or well we feel!

Many of us protect our finances by drafting a Will but what about You as a person?  Have you thought about how much medical intervention  you want at end of life?  If you have no written instructions it is primarily left to the medical team with possible input from your loved ones to make deciscions should you become incapacited.  This can add a great deal of stress to your family as they are trying to make their best educated choices for you at a very emotional time.

Advance Planning allows you to take your time, and peace of mind that your wishes will be followed should you become incapacitated. 

Advance Planning covers
Statement of Wishes 
Advance Directive 
Lasting Power of Attorney for Finance and Health and Wellbeing
Do Not Resuscitate Forms 
Funeral preferences
Digital Legacy

Please contact for more information and costs
*Additional Government Fees apply for registering Lasting Power of Attorney